Picking a Moving Date in New York

With all the things that come with planning a move, you also have the complexity of picking the big day.  Moving day is a pretty significant event surrounded by much organization, planning, work, family & friends, movers and more.  But if you carefully consider all of the factors involved, you’ll have an easier time picking a moving day and time that is suitable.

Here is a quick list of items to consider:

  • Picking a Moving Day in New York● What is the deadline for moving out of your New York home or apartment?  If you’re selling your home, you typically have to be out within 30 days of your closing date, although this certainly can vary. And if necessary, this can be negotiated to better suite your needs and planning.
  • ● What is the earliest move-in-date at your new residence?  It’s ideal to have the closing of your existing home close to the purchase of your new home – but ideal does not always happen. The juggle between the two dates are often the most difficult part of picking the perfect day.
  • ● When is your moving company available for hire?  Don’t wait until last minute to call your mover.  It’s best to ask for a few dates to get an idea of availability to balance with everything else.  But be quick because NYC Moving Companies book up fast.
  • ● When are your helpers available – friends, family, etc.  Get on their calendar sooner than later.  Every little bit of help is valuable whether it be to watch your kids, help organize, or extra hands to pack away belongings.
  • ● Do you have planned time off from work?  How about your significant other?  Don’t forget to plan with your employer and save some vacation days if you know ahead of time that you plan on moving.
  • ● Are you starting a new job?  If so, when is your first day on the job?  Give yourself at least a few of days to settle in.  Moving on Sunday and working on Monday could be hectic.
  • ● Cost can be a factor as well.  If you’re moving on a budget, then your options might be more limited thus requiring some creative planning.  Check with your mover to see if some movings dates are more affordable than others.  If you’re not in a hurry to move, that might work in your favor.  If you’re moving long distance, you might want to consider sharing your moving day with someone else to save on cost.

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