Find the answer to many frequently asked questions below. Not finding the answer to your question? Please contact Moving Masters.


1. What are you prices?

Our pricing is very simple and No job is too large or small for either residential or commercial moves. For local Brooklyn moves, we charge by the hour, with an added one hour of travel time. For long distance moves, once the truck is loaded, we offer a quick delivery time. Most cases, in 72 hours we arrive at the destination.


2. Do you only service moves in New York?

No. We are Based in New York And Specialize in All Moves along the East Coast and Mid-West. Here is a list of others states that we provide long distance and relocation services: Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Ohio, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Kentucky, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, West Virginia, Rhode Island.


3. How does your company maintain and clean its vehicles?

We clean our trucks thoroughly before and after each move. We also send our trucks for regular servicing to avoid truck problems during moves.


4. Do you do background checks on your drivers and workers?

It is required by law that we run background checks on all drivers. We do keep copies of these background checks and can assure you that we will provide not only a safe driver but a safe team to handle your belongings.


5. Do you rent or have company owned trucks?

We provide our own trucks with our company logo on it. We offer four (4) different truck sizes. In the case of an enormous move, we may require the services of a bigger truck from another company but that is very rare.


6. Do you offer storage services for my possessions?

Our belongings can be stored in our local warehouse temporarily for two weeks. Long term storage can be available for an additional cost. Contact your Moving Masters representative for more storage options as part of our moving services.


7. I don’t yet know my destination address. Do I have to have it in order to book my move?

All you need is a zip code to start the process. You can give us the specific address closer to your move date when you’ve found your new home.


8. I forgot a few items on my inventory list. Can I revise my inventory before the actual move day?

Your inventory will probably change several times between the early planning stage and the day of the move. Call us and make any adjustments up to 48-hours before your move. Slight changes will not alter your guaranteed price. The addition or removal of a large piece of furniture or significant items will have an effect. Moving Masters will contact you directly to let you know the impact of a significant change on your final price. (For Dedicated and Local Moves, inventory changes are allowed without additional costs).


9. When and how do I pay?

Moving Masters require a $200 or 20% deposit (Whichever is greater) to reserve your truck for your move. This can be paid by Cash, Credit Card, Paypal, Money Order, or Certified Check. On pick up day, 50% of your balance is Due and the other 50% will be due before your shipment is unloaded at your destination.


10. When is my credit card charged?

Your credit card will only be charged after signing the authorization request form allowing Moving Masters to charge your deposit fee for your upcoming relocation.


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