The term Flat Rate is used for giving an all encompassing price to cover whatever time and equipment is needed to complete a moving contract. All legitimate movers have a Tariff hourly rate submitted to Federal and State DOT to obtain their licensure documents. By providing you with a flat rate, the company is calculating/estimating the total manpower and truck hours to complete your move effectively and efficiently, if you are getting a private truck and crew.

The alternative is hourly charges, per crew and truck size very common nowadays is what’s called common carrier service where your contracted mover picks up your belongings, unloads them at their base and repackages it as freight then loads it onto a 53’ Freight Van with other households going in that direction.

This method is usually charged by the pound or cubic foot. This method is less expensive but more prone to breakage, lost items and unsanitary conditions. No exact delivery times can be given as the truck is perpetually delivering and picking up households all along the route, nationwide.



The primary contracted mover relinquishes control of your household to the common carrier who will be making the delivery on their schedule with their crew. Moving Masters can provide either service but prefers and specializes in true Flat Rate Long Distance Moving with our dedicated, clean trucks and professional trained, fully experienced staff, packing, stacking, transporting and delivering households on time and on budget without disturbance or mishap. We are a full-service Moving Company in New York.  Our Movers in New York work to their fullest potential on every single job.

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