Ah, where do I start? I recently decided to sell my business of 15 years and move to Texas with my wife to start a family. We would have done it sooner, but the thought of moving just filled us with dread. We are not young anymore and just didn’t want the hassle. On the recommendation of a work colleague, I called Moving Masters and grilled them on their prices, how many men they would send, their trucks. Instead of being annoyed with my questions, they just explained their flat rate policy and direct delivery. By the time I hung up, most of my stress had vanished. On the day of the move, they were prompt and seemed to have done this 1000 times before. Their guys really have a system down, probably from working together for so many years. The truck was spotless too. I’m so glad I called them because they saved me a lot of time searching for a good moving company.

I used a coupon on the Moving Masters website and was pleasantly surprised by the service I received. Number one, cleanliness. From the drivers to the truck, they are immaculate. Number two, customer service. Can’t tell you how many rude moving companies I spoke to before getting referred by my boss to Moving Masters. One company literally shouted at me. Number three, transparency. They do what they say, when they say, with no BS. Which is why they have such good word of mouth. They don’t cut corners and they don’t lie about costs. They background check their employees. They also stuck around once we arrived at my new place just to make sure I was satisfied and ready to sign off. Little things like that. An extra moment taken to make sure the customer is king. Would recommend to anyone looking for quality movers. – Chris Mendex


I completed my move to my new apartment on 7/3/14. Moving Masters provided the outstanding customer service they promised on their website. I am 23 and they treated me like a daughter, not like some faceless number at a call center. The movers helped me to disassemble my loft bed and were able to navigate my new place with no elevator and like five flights of stairs. Nothing was scratched or broken. The bed is soft pine too. They then offered to reassemble my bed, but my boyfriend and me were tired so we said we would do it ourselves. Still, they go the extra mile imho. Thank you Moving Masters for making my move pleasant and safe — Makema Jordan


I hired Moving Masters for a long distance move from the UES to Montclair, NJ. My father fell ill recently and the move was unexpected. I felt overwhelmed and panicked, and turned to my real estate agent for a recommendation. John the owner of Moving Masters answered the phone. Not sure how, but he immediately set me at ease. He has completed hundreds of long distance moves and had a system that was easy to understand and follow, including an online form to document all household items etc.My stuff was shipped within a week to my Dad’s house. My dad said the movers were extremely helpful on his end, not allowing him to lift anything or strain himself. This sense of courtesy and human warmth goes a long way in my book. I highly recommend this exceptional company. – Leelee Shepard


Moving Master and their team were awesome. They had me moved out of my old home and completely into my new home in 5 hours. The movers were really professional, efficient, and friendly. They have asked me where I wanted particular items and then even asked if I wanted anything moved around within each of the rooms. I even had some items in my car that I needed to bring in to the house and they offered to help. I highly recommend them for a quick, no hassle moving experience. Their office manager was quick to respond to my emails and phone calls and was very professional with personal attention. She always calls to keep in contact with me to confirm appointments and all. – Anonymous


The team arrived on time. They were professional & friendly. They packed our household goods like they were packing there own home. The movers laid down cardboard to protect the flooring in the home we were moving from and did the same when they arrived at our new home in Dallas. All furniture was shrink wrapped. Glass table tops were crated and handled with extreme care. The same crew that packed us arrived in Dallas 72 hours later. All our furniture arrived without a scratch. The price we were quoted was the price we paid. You can’t beat flat rate pricing. – Joseph Rosio



We had an excellent experience with Moving Masters. We needed long distance moving company from NY to FL. We contacted Moving Master through a referral for a free estimate. Our positive impression started with the estimator. He was very polite, fast, professional, knowledgeable and explained all the process very clearly, Customer service was amazing. You always have someone to talk to and every concern being address accordingly. They were very responsive when I had to reschedule 3 times and I appreciated it very much. I must say that this is the 2nd time I am using a moving company and the first time I was using other company and had a horrible previous experience in which made me wonder if I can trust any of them. Moving Masters changed that bias I had on moving companies. I really liked the way the team were carefully packing my belonging. They were always on time, extremely helpful, felt free to ask questions and point things to my attention. Their moving truck was very clean and organized.The price was very reasonable and there was no hidden cost. Moving Master exceeded my expectation. While I hope not to move again, I would use them again. – Kelly Cohen


Last month, I hired Moving Masters to help with my move to Charlotte, NC from Brooklyn, NY. After hearing so many horror stories about moving companies, I was very close to doing this move by myself. I did call multiple companies but felt more comfortable after speaking to a representative over at Moving Masters named Lou. Unlike other companies, I was given a fixed price estimate that was fair and guaranteed. The day before my move, the work men came and wrapped and disassembled my furniture. The next morning at 7am, they were en route to NC. I felt at ease knowing that my furniture was not being stored or transported with multiple houses. Once they arrived, the same work men unloaded and reassembled my furniture. Overall, it was an excellent experience and gave me hope that there are good companies out there still! Nothing was broken, the delivery was on time and at a flat rate, and the crew was courteous.Thank You Moving Masters! – Alexander Shafran