About Moving Masters of Queens, Brooklyn and Long Island New York

get-attachment 3guysMoving Masters is a professional moving service provider with three locations in New York; Long Island, Queens and Brooklyn. Our New York Moving Company is a family operated business which caters to every customer and move particulars as if it were its own. We take meticulous care in transportation of your personal goods from one place to another. The shipments are always properly cared and secured from all angles in order to avoid any damage. We use vast paraphernalia of protective devices in order to custom pack, load; store, unload and deliver. In short, we provide state of art packing and transportation solutions. Our Movers in New York work to their fullest potential on every single job.

We Are Responsible Service Providers

Moving Masters takes into account all the small meticulous details while wrapping, placing and eventually shipping the household items to your preferred destination. We also specialize in commercial transportation of goods, equipment and retail items. We provide custom packing transportation jobs to residential and commercial sectors tailored as per your needs. We are experts in dismantling and assembling your required furniture and household items. While on site, we take special care to be eco-friendly and assist in any manner to reuse and recycle your goods.

We Are Moving Professionals

Affordability, timely and safe delivery are some of the key features of our professional moving service. Our highly experienced team sees to secure against loss of luggage or misplacement using an efficient inventory management and labeling system. We take care of all the taxes, tolls and other outside charges during your move. Moving Masters also provides free short storage facility and long storage facility the latter on charge. Packing & Moving Made Easy! Call us at 855-MOV-IT-EZ.  We specialize in house moving, commercial moving and office moving.

What we Charge

We have a well structured charging system. The local transportation system incurs rate by an hourly basis. For long distance, charges are set at a fixed rate or per project rate as applicable. A flat rate or comprehensive all inclusive cost can be applied. Packing costs are not included in these calculations.

We have made it our mission to:

Load and unload all of the items to and from the truck.
Take apart and put back together all standard furniture.
Transportation of your household items.
Provide wrapping materials, pads and blankets to protect your personal property.
Secure all fragile and bulky belongings.
Provide a basic, limited protection of $0.60 per pound per article.
Include in the fees – all taxes, tolls and mileage for your move.
Offer short term storage at no extra charge.