5 Items Moving & Packing Companies Can’t Legally Move

There are certain items that moving and packing companies are prohibited by federal law to move or pack. This is because these items are considered dangerous and or they may pose another type of hazard. Below is a list of these items, some of which may surprise you:

Mover frustration
Careless moving companies results in disappointed customers

1. Gasoline and Propane Tanks
These include tanks for lawnmowers, weed whackers, vegetation trimmers, barbecue grill tanks, and camp stoves.

2. Batteries
These include car batteries, ATV batteries, golf cart batteries, camera batters, and house batteries of all sizes (the type you put in flashlights and TV remotes).

3. Nail Polish and Similar Chemicals
Nail polish, nail polish remover, and similar beauty supplies are highly flammable. Thus, federal law prohibits their transport in moving vans.

4. Household Cleaning Chemicals
Many household chemicals are highly dangerous. For example, if you accidentally mix bleach and ammonia, toxic vapors form and may cause an explosion (people have died from this). Even mixing two different brands of drain cleaners can cause an explosion.

5. Ammunition
Federal law prohibits moving companies from transporting ammunition of all types. While federal law does not prohibit the moving and packing of guns by professional moving companies, some states prohibit this so be sure to check with the moving company you use in your state.

Check with moving and packing companies for other items they can’t legally move. For example, many states restrict the movement of houseplants across state lines due to the harmful insects they may harbor.

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