It’s all right to be excited about your upcoming move to a new home and life. And sharing your excitement and even getting volunteers to help you with your move. But it can be downright hazardous to share detailed info online with your social networks. For you don’t know what strangers are listening in and can use the info to victimize you or your family members.


In fact, sharing your moving data and personal information not only can open the door to identity thief and credit card fraud against you, but also can assist acts of stalking, burglary and home invasion. Adjusting your social network privacy settings to be accessible only by your closest friends and family is one way to present this. Another way is avoiding openly discussing your move and private information on forums, chat lines and comment strings.


It can be fun chatting with friends online about your upcoming move or plans to move. Some may even have some good advice to provide you. But by doing a search online you can find a ton of information about local moving companies and storage facilities or even truck rental companies and other resources to help you plan and accomplish your move.


As it is, the MOVING MASTERS website and our customer department are ready to provide you with a host of vital information you’ll need to plan your move, and undertake and complete it safely and efficiently. Don’t let people online know when and where you are moving to or from. Restrict your personal identity and other critical data to only the most trusted of people. And when you’re at it, don’t hesitate to call on MOVING MASTERS not only to help you plan your move, but get you moved safely, quickly and efficiently—and in a comfortable, stress-free manner at an affordable price!