The Secret Reason We’re One Of The Moving Companies Queens NY Workers Love

Until they come up with a magical transportation device that can move your fancy leather chair from one office building to the other, please don’t attempt to do it yourself. You don’t even appreciate how much stuff you currently own until you have to spend days moving everything down multiple flights of stairs. It’s one of the most dangerous things you can do if you’re very skinny, not because you’ll let go of a desk and squash someone, but because you’ll lose so much weight the next time you look down one of your legs will have disappeared.

I think one of the reasons people decide to move to a new office on their own is because they’ve moved home before (or maybe they’ll force the intern to do all the work). Moving home is easy as there isn’t much stuff to move, but let’s get real for a second. The very fact you sit in a desk all day makes you about as fit as Arnold Schwarzenegger after he got old and started growing saggy boobs. You’re going to end up going to hell and back, and the only positive is the spare tires around your belly you’ll lose.

The reason we’re one of the most popular moving companies in NY businesses use is because each one of us is a descendant of Hercules himself. We don’t need to go near the stairs, because we just throw everything out the window and one of us is there to catch it at the bottom. I hope you realize that was tongue-in-cheek otherwise you might spit your coffee out when I tell you we’re an honest local company. We’re just a bunch of hard-working professionals who would love to help you move your staplers and mouse pads to your new office. We’ll also take care of the heavy stuff if you insist.