We can’t help ourselves over here at MOVING MASTERS Headquarters sometimes.  While we’re not busy putting smiles on customers’ faces and efficiently moving them to new beautiful homes or office digs, we keep our flat-rate long-distance eyes and noses peeled on whatever important news of the day that suddenly hatches forth.

For, as you know, there’s always a lot of exciting and news-worthy events happening in The Big Happy.  And it’s important–extremely important–we not miss any of the most earth-shattering events occurring in some beautiful NYC neighborhood close to you!  In fact, in between a half dozen giant loads and refueling several sleek, swank MM trucks, we ran across this top news story posted (of all places!) on Facebook.

Apparently the outright abuse of some of our most delicious furry friends is unrelenting, and the horror just won’t stop!  Case in point: abused chickens.  And no, while we write this we are not tongue in cheek or sitting outside the nearest KFC franchise!

This is explosive news we’re talkin’ here, folks.  So please, take us seriously.  And at your earliest exigent opportunity hurry on over to this important site and read the full story.  Those vaunted advocates for abused chickens–even as we pontificate here–may be still protesting at one of Albany’s most prestigious McDonald’s.  In fact, Abby the Abused Chicken was spotted outside the chicken nugget franchise just mere hours ago.  So, maestro, a drumstick–I mean drum-roll, please!

So don’t be a chicken!  Break a leg (or thigh!) and hurry there: